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Research Studies, Design and Innovations, Field Projects, Workshops

Areas of Operations

Sustainable development, which involves meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future, has become an absolute need of the hour. Several urban living labs focus on sustainable development, which is a visible and urgent issue in less valued suburbs in need of modernization and social uplift. SOUL aims to further their work with the aim of developing innovation-based processes within a multi-stakeholder partnership approach in an urban context. 

The projects undertaken by SOUL Foundation will be instrumental on three levels:

1. Lead Sustainable Development Projects in the areas of:

a). Environment
b). Life
c). Health
d). Energy
e). Transportation
f). Water
g). Shelter

2. Carry out research projects on issues of sustainability in urban settings which will be backed by primary research and data analysis and the findings will be used to collaborate with suitable stakeholders for the implementation of changes in the corresponding spaces. 

3. Collaborate with people from a wide spectrum of fields including artists, urban planners, designers, innovators, researchers, scientists, behavioral science practitioners, social scientists, non-profit practitioners and others to design, innovate, and develop sustainable solutions to everyday problems within our growing urban settings.