Area of Action

Research Studies, Design and Innovations, Field Projects, Workshops

The idea behind SOUL Foundation is collective thinking and effort towards promoting a better quality of life in urban areas by adapting to the needs of contemporary times, while also being responsible towards the environment. We, at the SOUL Foundation, feel that urban living entails the twin aspects of growth and DE-growth. The emphasis on relative growth rather than all round development is compromising the quality of life for all living beings. What is needed is a collective germinal creative drive, through the desire for transformation of existing information, concepts and physical resources. This is where SOUL steps in.

At SOUL Foundation, we map the physical habitat and geographical situation of urban areas, develop studies based around the quality of living, and propose community-based projects which we implement in collaboration with panels of experts. We look at the macro level to improve the quality of living within the urban maze.

Urban sustainability is a massive issue globally. Urbanism is fundamentally changing the relationship between humans and their environment on an individual level (personal), community level (place-specific) as well as universal level. Rapid urban growth is re-shaping the urban landscape. As the world continues to urbanize, small, medium, large and mega-cities alike will face both daunting challenges and unique opportunities that sustainable growth and development entails, from climate change and extreme poverty to linking communities and providing access to social services. The environmental impact of these changes in urban areas is putting a huge strain on Earth’s resources and creating additional issues for the inhabitants of these areas such as loss of biodiversity and urban heat island effect.

In these times of impending crisis, urban sustainability is becoming a massive issue of contention globally. Managing cities and their supply of resources is a formidable task that places heavy demands on infrastructure and the environment. The solution lies in thinking beyond the vague and ambiguous notion of sustainability and, instead, in actively working towards regenerating to improve and innovate rather than merely sustaining their currently degraded condition.

In this atmosphere of environmental urgency, SOUL aims to confront and address these challenges head on by improving sustainability and thereby the quality of life in urban areas.